Draken International Acquires 25 MIG-21 Fighter Jets

LAKELAND, FL (July, 2012)  - Draken International has executed a contract with a Polish company to acquire twenty-five (25) Mig-21 fighter aircraft.

The transaction includes the advanced training version of the Mig-21, the Mig-21UM, as well as the front-line interceptor, the Mig-21BIS. This acquisition adds to the company's already expansive and highly capable fleet of fighter aircraft. Draken intends to operate these aircraft in conjunction with the Department of Defense for missile threat simulation, fleet defense and adversary support. These Mig-21s, equipped with JayBird radar, will present a more tactically relevant threat than the present older generation aircraft being offered in the Contract Air Services arena. Similarly, with over 25 operational and highly supportable fighters, Draken will be able to present a cost effective and large quantity fighter environment for various branches of the armed services and Department of Defense.

The acquired Mig-21 aircraft are all low-time airframes and manufactured through the 1980′s. There are presently over 500 Mig-21 fighters serving in Air Forces around the world. Given the large number of Migs manufactured, there is an extensive global infrastructure of support, maintenance and overhaul capabilities available.

Draken International CEO Jared Isaacman states, Draken is committed to building the most capable fleet of aircraft and we have made some tremendous acquisitions to accomplish this goal. We already own the most capable A-4K Skyhawks in the world, featuring advanced avionics systems, and Aermacchi MB-339s that offer similar avionics and simulation capabilities; however, to answer the demand in contract air services, we needed to equip additional aircraft that are supersonic, supportable, safe and available economically in large quantities. There was no better platform than the Mig-21. We are very pleased with the aircraft type selected and are confident that it will make a tremendous impact on our ability to meet all of our customers requirements.

Draken has also entered into numerous service and support agreements with engine facilities, life support equipment manufacturers and parts suppliers to ensure that these Migs will be a central aspect of the company's tactical fighter fleet for decades to come.

As the global defense and military climate changes, the need has never been greater for cost-effective and professional contract air support.

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